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Water Purifier [Blue QQ]

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Water Purifier [Blue QQ]

Start your well-being life with BlueQQ
Healthy minerals to your diet!

Fill the Water in the bottle and leave it for 10minutes, then revert it to Alkaline Water.
Portable Mineral Ionizer. It has 8 steps solution of Filter.
Purify & Alkalize tap water, filtered water & spring water with natural minerals!


  • Product : BlueQQ
  • Manufacturer : America QQ
  • Package : Bottle (1EA) + Catridge (1EA)
  • Main Component : Sophoricoside ceramic ball, Alkali Mineral, Anti Bacteria ceramic ball, etc.



  • Blue QQ’s natural minerals and its nutrient benefits purify the water with its pH balancing property as well as minerals including calcium, magnesium, and zinc ion.
  • Manufactured in America QQ,,valid research tests results tested by KWWWI, Japan FDA, and the U.S FDA guideline.
  • With its distinctive smooth and silky texture of the water, it also prevents bacteria with its disinfecting properties.
  • It’s unique cartridge system is activated by a F.I.R Far infrared rays, anion, ORP 199ml (Active Oxygen),and Sophoricoside (body fat reducing effect).
  • Maintain an optimal ph balance (Alkaline) with a variety of minerals (Ca, K, Mg, Zn, etc.)
  • Filter cartridge can be used up to 1 year.



  • Zinc ion Mineral
       A powerful antioxidant with its immune boosting properties, plays a vital role in digestive and endocrine systems
  • Silver Activated Carbon
       Dechlorinates and disinfects water by absorbing impurities.
  • Calcium Alkaline
       Counteracts against aging bone loss and aids for better calcium absorption in tissues and organs.
  • Antioxidant
       Fights oxidative stress, reduces signs of aging
  • Silver Antibacterial
       Flushes out and prevents wastes form accumulating in cells.
  • Catalyst Magnesium
       Breaks down water molecules for better absorption of nutrients and minerals through reverse osmosis, oxygenating the body and increasing metabolic rate.
  • FIR Alkaline
       Emits abundant amount of essential minerals into the water solution and slightly increases the water’s pH level into the optimal pH level of 7.8; this stage, furthermore, actively creates an ionized solution.
  • Sophoricoside
       An internationally patented substance and tested by the U.S.FDA guideline, Japan FDA, and KEWWI to have body fat cell reducing effect by lessening fat molecules.

with filtered / underground / tap water
Blue QQ is portable, functional with tap and filtered water, optimizes the ideal pH level, and the filter lasts up to a year, only 10 cents a day, 10 minutes to alkalize, and 1200 times to refill. For tap water, for those sensitive to odor and taste, let tap water sit in the bottle for 3-4 hours.


  • Do not use non-drinkable or polluted water.
  • After you fill water in the bottle drink the water within 2 days, then refill it with clean water.
  • It is recommended to clean the cartridge 3 times a week by filling up the bottle with 1/3 amount of water and rinsing the bottle by shaking it.
  • After you refill 1,200 times, a cartridge change is needed.
  • Do not use hot water (over 60 C) /  Do not put bottle in the freezer.
  • The effectiveness and the duration of the cartridge depend on the type of water being used.
  • You may notice small particles in the water during use. They are natural minerals which are harmless.
  • To clean the bottle, pour about 20cc vinegar into the bottle filling up to 2/3 of the bottle and please shake it several times.
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Water Purifier -Blue QQ-

Water Purifier -Blue QQ-

Water Purifier -Blue QQ-

Water Purifier -Blue QQ-